2016 Subaru Levorg Spec

2016 Subaru Levorg Spec

It is chasing them with the Subaru Levorg, an Impreza/WRX-based wagon with a made-up name and a WRX heart. Indeed, wheelbase length, track widths and dashboard are all identical to a WRX’s. Subaru claims the Levorg is small enough to attract women, yet beefy enough to prevent blokes from getting too in touch with their feminine side.

At the heart of the three-model Levorg line-up — an entry-level $42,990 2.0GT; a leather and sunroof adorned $48,890 2.0GT-S; and a range-topping $52,890 2.0GT-S Spec B (a plastic pig wearing STi aero) — is the turbocharged 197kW/350Nm 2.0-litre flat four from the WRX. Unlike its sedan relative, though, Levorg won’t have a manual option. Instead, it will stick with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

You might compare it with that other bargain buy, Holden’s SV6 Sportwagon, but the only similarity is the wagon shape, each being vastly different in approach and feel, and sitting in quite different camps.

Or maybe the wildly expensive Golf R Wagon (if you can find one still to buy), or Skoda’s Octavia RS Wagon. The latter is right in the slot but it doesn’t have the cachet of “WRX” in its DNA.

Move up to the 2.0GT-S and handling is boosted by performance-tuned Bilstein dampers, while sports front seats give the interior some athletic appeal. Otherwise, the mechanical specification is quite similar between all three models.

The range-topping Levorg 2.0GT-S Spec B adds a fair whack of visual flair though, and if you’re a fan of Subaru’s STI go-fast division you’ll enjoy geeking out over its STI-branded front splitter, sideskirts, rear spoilers, 18-inch alloys, front strut tower bar and shift knob.

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