2016 Subaru Forester tS

2016 Subaru Forester tS

Revealed in late 2014 for the Japanese market, the special STI-tuned Forester tS was confirmed for an Australian launch during last year’s international first drive of the new Levorg wagon. Just 300 examples will come to Australia.

When it lands, the sports-tuned and powered-up tS will command a $7000 premium over the regular Forester range‘s top-shelf XT Premium model.

The fact that it still offers only CVT for its more powerful turbo engine, which gets lower mileage than the higher displacement base model is also an aspect to frown upon. Nevertheless, it stays a highly comfortable and remarkably safe ride.

The Cherokee is also really comfortable, and surely looks better than the Forester, but loses out in fuel economy.

Its base model does 22mpg city and 31mpg highway against 26mpg city and 32mpg highway on the equivalent Forester. However, it holds itself quite well with the V6 model at 21mpg city and 29mpg highway against 23mpg city and 27mpg highway on the turbo Forester.

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