2016 Chevy Silverado Rally

2016 Chevy Silverado Rally

The 2016 Silverado Rally Edition (seen above) is inspired by street performance and packs a monochromatic exterior with black accents, body-side stripes, 20- or 22-inch black wheels and a muscular hood.

Chevy says that these special edition trucks sell in one-third the time of standard Silverados and attract younger buyers, hence the reason Chevy offers so many different special versions.

This time, however, the new 2016 Chevy Silverado Rally Edition updates from the 2015 version for the Texas Motor Speedway event in the blandest possible way. Split into two models, the Rally 1 and Rally 2, these special models have new wheels, monochrome grille, and some racing stripes. They look slightly better than before, but that’s about it.

Basically this is just one of the many ongoing efforts from GM to keep the Silverado relevant. Generally it’s a beautiful truck, but on its own it dulls really quickly. Actually, by reporting this I’m helping GM achieve its attention-seeking goal for the truck, so I’m gonna stop now.

2016 Chevy Silverado Rally 1


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