1974 Volkswagen Beetle

1974 VW Bug With Just 60 Miles

Indeed, Armando purchased the Beetle to help him get to and from his local church every Sunday. But, as he Became more and more frail his visits to church Became less frequent until 1978 when the car was retired to his barn. And there it Remained until it was Rediscovered recently. It has been “lightly recommissioned”.

However, a New Beetle will be nothing like this old Beetle that is in “as new” condition. Just look at it. Like many other used cars that were owned by elderly people who only drove them to church on Sundays, this vehicle was only used by its first owner, Armando Sgroi, from his home to a local place of worship.

According to the sellers, the which took the time to find out the history of this particular car, the senior citizen never owned an automobile before, and did not seem to want this one either. For some reason, he bought it and only drove it until 1978.

While it understandably needed a small amount of restoration work after standing for that long, the car is said to now be in “virtually new” and original condition. According to Silverstone Auctions, the engine still holds its original oil and the car still wears its first set of tires. You’ll even find its Unwrapped tool kit inside.

But would you pay the equivalent of around R700 000 for the ultimate Beetle time warp?

1974 VW Bug With Just 60 Miles

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