The 1600-HP Venom F5 Is Hennessey

The 1600-HP Venom F5 Is Hennessey

Hennessey Performance revealed a replacement for its ultra-limited Venom GT today at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Venom F5. It’s a bespoke, 1600-horsepower twin-turbo V8-powered hypercar the company says can surpass 300 mph. Watch out Bugatti.

The Venom F5 is reportedly good for a 0-300km/h time of under 10 seconds, which the automaker claims is faster than current Formula One race cars.

The cabin, coated in swaths of leather, carbon fiber, and Alcantara, is highlighted by an Apple iPad interface, as we’ve seen teased previously. It’s roomy, too; Hennessey promises that it will be able to accommodate a six-foot six-inch football player, as the aforementioned athlete will be one of the first owners.

Hennessey plans to build only 24 Venom F5s, and sell them at a base price of $1.6 million USD, or $20,802,000 AUD.

The 1600-HP Venom F5 Is Hennessey

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