Only 10 Ferrari like these will have in the world


As for its design, it is quite different from what we can see on the 488 Spider, as there is a black line that crosses the front and side to the side air intakes, lines that had been used in models such as the GTO. In the interior the changes are decorative and smaller. Its roof is removed and hides behind the seats and consists of two pieces of carbon fiber.

The denomination J50, is due to the 50 years of the arrival of Ferrari to Japan and only will be 10 units produced in the world.

Developed from the Ferrari 488 Spider, inherited from the 3.9-liter V8 engine block, which has a maximum output of 690 hp (20 hp more than the 488 Spider). This engine has a rear central arrangement inside the passenger compartment, ie in front of the rear wheels, which is covered by a transparent plastic cover that exposes it.


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